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Request for Qualifications
Strategic Planning Services
RFQ Questions

Question 1: What is the deadline for questions?

Question 1: Proposals are due by December 13, 2019, at 2:00 P.M. EST. There is no, other deadline for questions.

Question 2: I am seeing the bulk of the effort as a Strategic Planning Report vs. perhaps a “Vision Plan” which would focus on improvements and additions to existing facilities and design based solutions. How would you describe the project?

Response 2:  The best, short answer is that we are looking for a strategic plan for parks that is informed by data and community vision. The planning methodology must include stakeholders and community focus groups (Community Conversations). These conversations would take primacy over any written surveys. The vision would account for the desired future state discovered in these conversations.

Question 3: Is your focus on current parks or future parks?

Response 3:  Both. The grant we received to work on this project is the 10-Minute Walk Grant from National Parks and Recreation Association. Using Park Serve data we know that Winchester has 54% of our population within a 10-minute walk to parks in our community. We are interested in increasing this percentage while at the same time making sure the parks are high quality, accessible parks that meet the needs of our community.

Question 4: When you talk about community meetings in your RFQ, how many are you expecting to have? Are you also open to doing online surveys?

Response 4: We want to lean HEAVILY on feedback from our community. If you research recent news and events in Winchester, you'll find that community conversations have been very successful in identifying the needs of our residents. We would like to continue these conversations as they relate to parks.

Question 5: Does your team see a need to create a downtown urban park? Regional sports parks?

Response 5: We are depending on the community to help us determine its needs. That is the purpose of this project.

Question 6: What is the budget for this project?

Response 6: $24,000 which is fully inclusive - travel, meals, expenses.

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